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A Truck Bedslide is the ultimate accessory for anyone that puts the bed of their truck or van to use and a requirement for anyone that makes a living using their truck or work van. Installing a Bedslide or CargoGlide is a back saver and allows you to bring your load or tools out to you instead of climbing in the back of the truck to get something.

Just drop your tailgate or open the rear doors (if you have a van) and use your bedslide to bring your tools or whatever you might be hauling out to a level thats easy to load and unload.

We offer several different models from both BedSlide and CargoGlide to meet your needs. This includes light duty units up to custom units that will haul as much as 2500#. We even offer models for the Avalanche and Cadillac EXT.

BEDSLIDE PRODUCTS ARE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE. Please check out the Cargo Glide Product we offer which is currently on sale

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Let us build a new BedSlide or CargoGlide for you !

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